Our writing team, a mosaic of creative spirits, is dedicated to guiding you through the realms of mindfulness, self-discovery, and holistic wellness. Each writer is a beacon of empathy and expertise, bringing unique perspectives from their own journeys. They are storytellers, healers, and dreamers, united by a common purpose: to enrich your life with content that resonates, inspires, and transforms. From thought-provoking articles to soul-stirring stories, our team crafts each piece with the intention of igniting a spark within you. Join us in this journey of exploration and enlightenment, as we delve into the depths of mindfulness, uncovering treasures that lie within and beyond. Embrace the bliss, be part of our mindful community, and let our words be your guide to a more conscious and fulfilling life.


Brooke Wallis, the vibrant force behind “Your Mindful Bliss” blog, is a beacon for wellness seekers. Her journey began with an epiphany in the Appalachian Mountains, leading her to become a certified nutritionist and yoga instructor. Her blog, launched in 2016, offers a wealth of resources including recipes, yoga tutorials, and self-care advice. Brooke advocates for balanced wellness, emphasizing mindful living, nutritional richness, and inner peace. Her engaging content spans from Instagram to YouTube, resonating with a message of sustainable health and self-love. In a world fixated on quick fixes, Brooke’s approach to health stands out, celebrating each small step in the wellness journey.

Sydney Wong is the co-founder and editor of “Your Mindful Bliss,” where her sharp business acumen meets a dedication to wellness and women’s empowerment in the entrepreneurial sphere. As a long-time friend and ally of Brooke, she’s the strategic mind ensuring the blog’s smooth operation and growth. Sydney’s content focuses on women in business, sharing insights on career development and entrepreneurship with a mindfulness edge. Beyond her business savvy, she embodies self-care, advocating for balance and personal well-being amidst the hustle of professional life. Her contributions offer a roadmap for readers to pursue their ambitions while maintaining a mindful approach to work and life.

Lauren Peterson is a vibrant force at “Your Mindful Bliss,” bringing a rich tapestry of interests to the blog. As an LGBTQ+ advocate with a fierce love for sustainable fashion, she weaves inclusivity and style into every piece she contributes. Lauren’s articles are a colorful journey through her favorite eco-friendly outfits, and her yoga and pilates sessions are not just about fitness but about celebrating the body in all its forms. With her red lipstick as a trademark and a yoga mat often in tow, Lauren is the epitome of mindful living with flair, encouraging readers to embrace their identity and live sustainably with every stretch and style choice.

Nia Williams is a passionate voice at “Your Mindful Bliss,” embodying empowerment and advocacy for black women. Her contributions are a powerful mix of personal empowerment, feminist thought, and mindfulness, aimed at uplifting and inspiring readers. Nia’s writing is a celebration of diversity and strength, encouraging women to embrace their identity, cultivate self-love, and engage in community support. Through her engaging content, Nia champions the journey of wellness as an inclusive and affirming experience for all, especially for those whose voices she seeks to amplify. Her presence on the blog is not just a contribution but a movement, inspiring a wave of positive change and unity among women from all walks of life.

Marissa Cooper is the globetrotting spirit and cultural ambassador at “Your Mindful Bliss,” who infuses her deep appreciation for her Indian heritage into every article she pens. Her travels across the Indian subcontinent to study with various yoga and meditation gurus have enriched her and the blog with authentic experiences and teachings. Marissa’s contributions serve as a bridge between ancient practices and modern wellness, offering readers not just techniques for yoga and meditation but also stories of her cultural journey. With her sunny disposition and insightful reflections, she invites the audience of “Your Mindful Bliss” to explore the depths of mindfulness and embrace the wisdom of her heritage in their pursuit of inner peace.

Caroline Adams is the creative soul contributing to “Your Mindful Bliss,” known for her Scottish heritage and passion for sustainable crafts. With her hands often adorned with colorful yarns and her mind deeply rooted in mindfulness practices, Caroline brings a touch of sustainable magic to the blog. Her contributions range from DIY craft tutorials using recycled materials to insightful articles on leading a mindful life, all infused with her warm, Scottish charm. Caroline’s presence adds a layer of depth to the blog, bridging the gap between traditional handiwork and modern wellbeing. Her posts are not just instructions; they are invitations to slow down, create, and be present in every moment.

Buffer Herros is the tech-savvy webmaster and social media coordinator of “Your Mindful Bliss,” known for their bohemian style and digital finesse. They curate the blog’s serene online space, harmonizing mindfulness with engaging social media interactions. Buffer’s philosophy intertwines wellness with the digital experience, ensuring that every post and tweet from the blog not only reaches a wide audience but also resonates with the community’s quest for tranquility and personal growth. With Buffer’s touch, “Your Mindful Bliss” transcends the digital noise, becoming a haven for those seeking a mindful connection in the virtual world.